You’ve got questions and we’ve got the answers (maybe). All- ok, probably just some, of your frequently asked questions are right here below.

Q: What is the status of the L.o.R.E rpg?

A: We’re in an interesting one-third to middle ground. We still need art and a hefty chunk of the initial book still requires work. But at the same time we’ve accomplished a lot with the book and are slowly but definitely securing the funding required for first publication. We’ll keep you updated as the print date advances.

Q: Can I playtest for the L.o.R.E rpg?

A: That may be a possibility in the future as the dates of relevant milestones become more solidified. At the moment, only a small number of people are going to be permitted to playtest the game. After we see the results of those playtests, we will likely allow for a broader scale playtest and a time to review the data before publication.

Q: Do you have plans for other products?

A: Absolutely. However, those products are on the backburner until we get L.o.R.E underway.

Q: What sort of products can we look forward to?

A: Besides our flagship rpg we have a plan for a card game of some sort and something about a tv series, although we aren’t sure what platform we want to present the show on yet.

Don’t see your question here? Communicate with us directly via the Contact Us page and we’ll review your queries when time permits.